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Chapman Family Rentals


Apartments  near  the  University of farmington

All units conveniently located less than .3 miles from University of Farmington campus.  

Family owned and operated 

Chapman Family Rentals is perfectly described in its name.  A locally owned, family run business founded in 1983 by Bonnie Chapman.  This family owned business provides quality housing for off campus residents of the University of Maine at Farmington community. Bonnie works tirelessly to keep her apartments looking beautiful and her tenants happy. 

Farmington, Maine

147 Shady Grove Lane

This home was built in 1996 and has a built in microwave and received all new appliances a few years ago.

Amenities with local service 

All properties in Chapman Family Rentals provide the same amenities.  Heat, hot water, plowing, shoveling, and trash removal. The daily operations and all services are provided solely by this family entity who live locally.

Duplex  for  rent

2 Bedroom duplex located 3 miles from town on a quiet dead end street in a country setting.